How to select furniture that will harmonize your home

  Did you just buy your dream home? Good for you. You’ve saved enough money (house prices in Lebanon have doubled), done the necessary research, and got your hands on a house that matched your expectations. Now, all you have to do is furnish it. You can’t have an empty home. If you want to make it easy, buy a collection of pieces that work together. You’ll discover furnishings for every space at furniture galleries in Lebanon. Nonetheless, you can purchase individual pieces. If you’re resourceful, you’ll select furniture pieces that go together and harmonize your home. Pulling off a harmonious look isn’t as difficult as it may seem. This is how to do it.

Use colors that look good with one another  

The last thing you want is to buy furniture and to realize that you’ve got the wrong color. Tables, chairs, and other pieces don’t have to be the same tone, but they do have to blend with one another. What you can do is match the furnishings with the color of the walls. This way, you’ll provide continuity. Or you can include contrasting colors. If you have light color walls, you can add impressive lights and darks. When you have a neutral background, you can use the most vibrant colors. It’s a good idea not to paint the walls just to decide on the right furnishings.  

Stay true to your style

Harmony is the aim of your interior decorating project. It’s important to pick furniture pieces that are appropriate for the home, yet equally important is to stay true to your style. Whether you like classic or contemporary design, you have to remain faithful to the style that characterizes you. What happens when you go with what you like is that it’s easier to mix and match. If contemporary furnishings aren’t your thing, then don’t even try to select pieces that fall into this category. You’ll only be wasting your time.

Achieve balance on a macro and micro level

When it comes to the interior design scheme, you have to pay close attention. Anyone who has ever done major renovation knows that it requires detailed planning. Place the large items with reference with each other and the space, after which you can start adding the smaller elements. If you think that the space isn’t complete, add decorative items like throw pillows or art. You may not be an interior designer, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not capable of combining furniture pieces so as to create harmony.   

Work with visual weight

In case you didn’t know, interior design is a balancing act. What is visual weight? It refers to the idea that different furniture pieces have distinct heaviness. You can’t simply pair a heavy couch with a small coffee table. What you need is a coffee table that has the same heaviness. Now, do you understand? If the furnishings aren’t equal in weight, then they should give the impression that they are similar. Otherwise, the room will seem overcrowded.