How to sell a house that’s in poor condition

The vast majority of people who plan on selling their home also decide to make some repairs in order to make the property more appealing and raise the price. However, this isn’t a practical idea for everyone and sometimes you simply have to sell the house as it is. Maybe it’s a house that you inherited and you don’t really need the money, or the opposite, you need the cash really quick and don’t have the time or the funds to repair it first. Whatever the case, there are ways to find a buyer and get a decent amount for your property.  

Get help from a specialized company

Normally, if you want to sell your house, you have to contact a realtor and then wait for a few weeks, even months, until people start to inspect the property and show interest in the property. You also have to find a valuator and deal with copious amounts of paperwork until you can get your cash. If you don’t have time for this, you can contact a company like, which lists your property on all the main real estate platforms and accepts it even if it is in poor condition. This way, you can get your cash in as little as a couple of days.  

Focus on the strong points of the property

It’s not easy to make an old, damaged home to look appealing with no repairs whatsoever, but you don’t have to focus on the looks in order to sell it. However, you can focus on the other strong points that the house may have. For example, if it’s located in a good neighborhood, you can sell it for the lot value. Extra perks such as proximity to a campus, station or shops could also help you find more interested buyers. Again, if you don’t know anything about marketing a house, you can always contact a realtor to help you out.  

Lower the price

When you sell a home in poor condition, it’s important to be honest and transparent and try not to get your money through questionable methods. The state of the property needs to be reflected in the price and no one will buy it if you refuse to lower the price, no matter how great the neighborhood is. Try to be reasonable and accept lower offers. Otherwise, your property could be stuck on the market for a long time, which will make sale more difficult.  

Do some minor repairs

If the house you want to sell is in a condition so poor that nobody would like to buy it, then your last resort is to make at least a few minor repairs to the building structure, as well as some aesthetic improvements. You don’t have to cover everything, just the basics. For example, you needn’t think about landscaping, or renovating the guest bathroom. Stick to fixing roof and wall damage, doing a thorough clean and repainting the walls to make the property more appealing.