Instagram house – how to change the look of a room for every new post

One of the best ideas to create an Instagram account is to centre it on your house. You can use your house as an inspiration for the people who want to decorate their houses. There are successful Instagram accounts centred on the idea of home décor, but you can be unique, you can create your page around your house. This means that you will constantly have to change its look, but when you page will become famous, you will be sponsored by companies, so it is worth to get the most from this idea. If you are the type of person who quickly gets bored of the décor of their house, and who is always in the search for new ways to make the space more stylish, then you should use your passion to make money. Here are some simple ideas you can start with

Change the lighting system

The best way to change the way a room looks is to change the lighting system. The same furniture items will look different in another light. You do not have to throw your present lamps, you should place them in boxes and take them to the public storage Miami, because there will come a time when you will want to bring them back inside the house. The lighting sources create the ambiance and mood in a room, and they can help you take new photos for your Instagram page.

Change the carpets

You will be amazed how much a rug can change the aspect of a room. You can have multiple rugs for multiple periods of the year. During the cold season you will want to make your house look more cosy, to impress your followers on Instagram and help them find inspiration for how to decorate their house. The carpet is the statement piece of a room, so make sure to focus the photos on it.

Create a gallery art wall

If you want to change, the look of a room in no more than a couple of minutes and with small expenses, then a gallery art wall will help you. Every time when you want to change the way your room looks, you only have to check for some new canvases. There are plenty of them at the thrift shop, if you want to make the room look vintage. Or you can even print them, because there are countless ideas on Pinterest.

Change the accessories

You do not have to replace the couch and coffee table every two months to make the house look differently. You can work with the accessories, because they bring a new vibe. The things you display on your walls and furniture items are the ones that make the space look unique. They are inexpensive and subtle, but they help you create new photos for your Instagram page and this is what it counts. Add new mirrors, bring flowers inside, and change the cushions. You will instantly have a new indoor look to share with your followers.