The Best Jobs Where You Aren’t Stuck in a Cubicle

You are a person who works hard and loves to be busy. However, the thought of sitting in traffic every morning just to sit in a dismal cubicle gives you the cold sweats. Don’t despair, there are many jobs that can be quite lucrative where your working environment can change constantly. The following jobs are perfect for those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Real Estate Appraiser

Being a real estate appraiser is a great option for those who not only don’t love being in the office but love to help people. You could potentially keep a family from investing in a home that has expensive structural issues. There are some very good appraisal license courses available to get you started.


People will always want to buy or sell their homes. Whether from job relocation, upsizing or downsizing, realtors will always be in demand. Although demanding, it can be a very rewarding experience to help families find their perfect place or sell their homes so that they can move into the next chapter of their lives.


Electricians are always needed, can make a very nice salary and only requires a high school diploma. You can choose to be a generalist or a specialist and there are many ways you can apply your trade. You can choose to work on new residential or commercial buildings, repairs or maintenance or you can travel the world by answering the requests of international companies.


Another profession that will always be in demand is plumbing. Like electricians, you can choose many different career paths. New construction, repairs and maintenance and redesign of existing structures are just a few.


If you love plants and the outdoors, landscaping could be the perfect fit for you. There are many options, based on how much education you want to invest in. Landscape architects are needed for large scale planning like parks or businesses and landscape managers are needed to direct the crews that do the heavy work. Nature always has surprises in store so this job would never get boring.

Tour Guide

If you have a passion for history and culture or if you love to travel, you may want to consider being a tour guide. Maybe you are passionate about your city and know all the salacious history behind the buildings or businesses or maybe you have a deep love of art or architecture. You can even design your own tours and market them on home-sharing sites and travel review sites.