Seasonal Tips to Keep Your Yard Lush Year-round

When you want to have beautiful lawns on your residential or commercial property, it is essential to care for the lawns year-round. Here are some tips for keeping your lawns in top-notch condition throughout the year. 

Winter Season

Protect the soil that is underneath the ice and snow. You might think that it is okay to park vehicles on the lawns of your property during the winter, but this is not a good idea. The pressure from the vehicles can damage the grass and soil, leading to problems in the spring.  Use caution while eliminating snow and ice in the winter. The use of chemical deicers and rock salt is detrimental for the grass and soil. In addition, you can damage your lawns when using a snowplow on the surfaces. Make plans for the spring and summer during the winter. When there is a blizzard, you can take time to make a written plan for the rest of the year. This includes looking at lawn care magazines to order new supplies. 

Spring Season

After coping with winter, you will feel eager about working outside in the spring to prepare your lawns for the summer. Begin by removing any debris from your lawns, including tree branches, decayed leaves or trash. As the days become warmer, you will notice weeds growing right away, but you can remove these quickly before mowing the grass on the lawns. To have lush grass, make sure to mow the lawns at a higher level during the spring. Make sure to have your lawn’s soil tested so that you can buy the correct types of fertilizers. Aerating the soil during the spring can make the soil healthier. In addition, you should buy grass seed to patch and thicken the lawns on your property.  This is also the best time to do a pest inspection. Many critters are becoming more active with the warming of the weather so ensuring your lawn will remain pest free throughout the summer means working on extermination now.

Summer Season

Continue to add fertilizer to the lawns throughout the summer, and also, water the grass at the correct time of the day or evening. Make sure to mow the lawns once or twice a week, and check the grass for pests such as grubs, beetles or other insects so that you can apply pest-control chemicals. For additional beauty outside your home or business, make sure to use edging equipment along the sidewalks and driveway. At the beginning of summer, you can also plant flowers in strategic locations such as along the pathways or around trees so that your lawns look beautiful. 

Autumn Season

As the temperature drops in the autumn, you can add new fertilizer to the soil along with mulching the dropping leaves from the trees. This is a great time to add seeds to the lawns along with cutting the grass to a shorter height to protect it as winter begins. Buy or rent a special machine so that you can aerate the soil on your lawns. Trim the shrubs and trees on your property to keep the lawns looking attractive. In addition, remove the old foliage from your lawn’s flower beds.