Keeping Safe when You Are Away from Home – Smart Owner’s Guide to Home Security

Everyone deserves a vacation. However, leaving all your valuables and expensive things behind can be traumatizing and stressful. This article is going to provide you with tips on how to secure your home whilst you’re away. If you follow these tips, your house will be less likely to be broken into.

Hire a house sitter

If you believe that you really can’t afford for your house to be left unsupervised at all times, we advise you that you hire a person that will keep an eye on things. Of course, you do not have to rely on a stranger to do what they’re meant to do. Ask a friend, a family member or even your neighbor to watch your house when you’re away. This person doesn’t have to live in your house, you can leave a spare key for them and they can come inside whenever they have to water the plants, pick up the mail and take care of your precious garden. If you have a person that you trust, it’s a good idea to ask for their help. Nonetheless, if you do not have anyone that is willing to do this job, don’t despair. Nowadays, there are agencies and companies which will send someone to house sit. When you search for these companies, you should take into consideration their reviews and why not, listen to the words of mouth. There is no shame to ask around your neighborhood which (is) are the best companies. After all, they are taking care of thousands of dollars.

Avoid telling a lot of people that you are going on vacation

If you’re advertising on social media and telling everyone in the office that you will be going away, it is inevitable that the wrong people will hear this information. You should beware of social media. We totally understand that you want to Instagram that photo of the nice beach or upload a status on Facebook about the amazing food you ate on the beach. By broadcasting your location, you are telling everyone that checks your profile that you are not at home. If you really want to show off the relaxing sunset you saw on the beach in Miami, we advise you that you upload it when you’re at home. This way, you can keep an eye on the house, rather than someone else. Furthermore, if you want to check-in you should leave the blinds open if that’s what you normally do. The idea behind this is that everything should look normal, just the way it looks when you’re at home. It can be strange to believe that leaving the blinds open because people can look inside, but it’s more unlikely that someone will look into your house if they believe that you are in. If you leave your blinds closed, it’s obvious that you’re away and do not want people to take a look at your house.

Smart Locks

If you want to prevent home intrusion, you should definitely invest into a smart lock. This device comes with a unique access code which you will only know. With this innovative lock, you can hold a conversation whilst (your) you’re on vacation with someone that is outside your house and has come near the smart lock. This way, if let’s say, there is someone who wants to invade your home, you can let them know that you are aware of the situation. Furthermore, the smart lock also has a camera so you can see the people that enter your property. You can also receive alerts through your smartphone. If you have a family member that came to water the plants but they do not have the unique code which you set up, you can unlock the door through the app on your smartphone. If you do not have a smart lock, you would have to leave some spare keys out under a doormat or even a mailbox. Nowadays, thieves are very smart, they know that most people take the easy option and do this mistake. They will probably know that you put a house key under that fake rock.

Turn off the GPS leading to your house

If you drive your car to the airport and you must leave it there, we advise you that you turn off the “drive home” option on the GPS. This is because someone can break into your car and drive to your home. If you want this setting on for whatever reason, you should set it to a near pinpoint around your house, for example, a restaurant or a shop. This way, you will know your way whereas the person driving to your home, will not.