Latex versus Memory Foam Pillow ­ Create the Ultimate Sleeping Environment

The pillow you sleep on is probably as important as the mattress because it also contributes to how well you rest at night and how healthy you will remain. An improper body posture can have serious effects on the health of your back and spine and the pillow influences how your body lays in bed. This is why it’s essential that you carefully pick your pillow based on how well it sustains your head. You have two main options which are latex and memory foam and although there are both great choices, one is better than the other. But which one?

Latex pillows

A type of rubber usually found in mattresses and pillows, latex is very popular because it easily molds to the body contour while also maintaining its shape without crumbling under your weight. It can be either synthetic or natural. The synthetic latex is made of petroleum­-based oils and various chemicals like fire retardants, so it’s not the healthiest option. Inhaling the fumes released by a synthetic latex pillow is highly dangerous because it’s very close to your airways and it can cause severe affections like headaches, concentration problem, brain disorders or even some types of cancer. Even though you own a latex pillow that you don’t sleep on, the chemicals in it can also go into the air in your house, causing bad odors and gas particles that can also affect your health. Natural latex, on the other hand, is made of rubber tree that is turned into a foam without adding any chemicals. Highest­ quality pillows can contain as much as 95% pure rubber so the risk of inhaling unwanted substances in significantly reduced. The biggest advantage is that natural latex doesn’t contain chemical fire retardants that are the most dangerous component of the synthetic latex. It’s true that there are other ingredients added for making natural rubber easy to mold but none of them are toxic and dangerous. However, don’t believe the labels that say “100% pure rubber” because that is impossible.

Memory foam pillows

By far, the most common material found in pillows is memory foam, a type of polyurethane mixed with chemicals that help it change shape when it gets into contact with body heat. This is why the memory foam pillow takes the shape of your hand when you press it then changes back to normal after a few seconds. Memory foam can’t be all natural because it’s a material made of various substances so you shouldn’t be looking for natural memory foam pillows. Despite being a more synthetic alternative, it is chosen as the prime material for pillows because it’s very comfortable and it can relieve pain and pressure in the neck and back. The fact that it can take the contour of your head makes it the perfect choice for those who don’t like to sleep on thick pillows that hurt their neck. However, the fact that it takes heat to mold the foam, it could seem tiresome when you constantly change position and turn your head at night. Still, memory foam is treated with chemicals that start releasing odors and gasses int the air at some point. To correct this flaw, many manufacturers choose bamboo for making the pillow covers because bamboo is highly beneficial to the health. Being a grass makes bamboo completely natural and safe so that you will be protected against the toxins that come out of the pillow. The bamboo pillow acts as a natural barrier against impurities so you will not be exposed to allergens and irritating odors. As a conclusion BambooPillow.Reviews say that you can choose any pillow with peace of mind as long as it feels comfortable and helps you sleep well at night. As for the materials, natural latex would be the best choice but the high prices often force people to resort to poorer quality options. If you want a pillow that combines affordability with comfort and care for your health, you can try the memory foam one with a bamboo cover that is hypoallergenic and very protective to your skin and airways. Choose a product from a reputable brand that also designs bamboo mattresses and create the perfect sleeping environment that will ensure the ultimate relaxation and comfort.