Living greener without blowing up your budget – habits that begin at home 

When you become tired of the way you live and want to make a change in your life, the first thing that pops in your head is how expensive this change will be? Living greener usually scares people because it involves some extra costs that can blow up your budget at the end of the month. Many people can’t afford to invest money into composters, bioproducts or anything that has to do with green living, but a simple change in habits can lead to great results. If you are absolutely motivated to switch your actual lifestyle to a greener one, then following these tips shouldn’t be hard. As for your budget, you will spend the same amounts of money on different products such as custom Earth promos to encourage others to follow your example too.

Saving energy

The first big change you have to consider is saving energy. Switching habits should be done one step at a time, as it can take a while to get used to your new daily schedule. You are probably using light bulbs that consume a lot of electricity, therefore you pay more at the end of each month on the bill. What about investing a small amount of money in compact fluorescent bulbs? This will help with saving energy, reducing your bills and – implicitly – saving money, while helping the environment. The energy you’d save by making this small change can help with lighting up millions of homes in the world. Another change you should make in terms of energy would be adjusting your thermostat’s temperature. You should simply increase the temperature during summer and decrease it during winter by just one or two degrees so that you won’t feel the difference. Yet you will feel the difference when it comes to how much energy you are consuming. Pay attention to how your bills decrease and be proud of the small change you make by reducing your energy consumption by 15%.

Saving water

The next habits you can switch for greener ones include your water consumption habits. Starting with leaving full tub baths behind and opting for short showers instead and continuing with fixing leaky toilets and faucets, you are going to make a huge difference in how much water you are consuming each month. Also, even though it doesn’t seem like an option for a tight budget, going vegetarian at least one day each week can make tremendous changes in the world. You can put together a vegetarian meal without spending a fortune, and such a change once a week will keep you healthy and detoxed.


Finally, you should start recycling things and promote the circular economy. You can do that by reusing your eco shopping bag, taking old electronics back to the manufacturer for recycling and reducing the waste you produce. By reducing waste, you will also save money because you no longer throw away items and products that are in perfectly good shape.