In luxurious homes decorated by talented interior designers who do their best to satisfy the taste of their demanding customers, closets are a must-have. Decorated with precious and expensive materials, beautified with sophisticated details and equipped with all the necessary items required for a stylish look, the luxurious closets complete the decor of gorgeous mansions. Discover bellow some examples of opulent and sophisticated closet designs and decide which one is your favorite.

When you opt for a luxurious closet design, you must keep in mind that you have to use precious materials and fabrics and that everything has to look perfect, including your clothes. As such, we advise you to invest in the most reliable clothing steamer, that will remove even the strongest wrinkles and will leave your clothes as impeccable as the closet they go in. Read some online reviews in order to see which is the most reliable clothing steamer. When designing your closet, make sure to reserve a space for the steamer. Ideally, you should hide it behind a curtain or a door, as such an appliance is not something that looks good in a luxurious closet, but it is something that you need to have nearby.

    • A luxurious closet can be an all-white one, with ceiling-high closets, shiny mirrors, and sophisticated details like golden doorknobs and a marble finish. A wide chandelier above a jewelry island is the ultimate luxury touch, and the delicate ivory carpet completes the opulent design.
    • This walk-in closet is the embodiment of classic elegance, created by the white hardwood furniture and the simple and clean lines. The delicate carpet, the precious glass chandelier, and the soft white round chair are the beautiful decorations that enhance the aspect of this closet with tall mirrors.
    • Inside a luxurious closet, everything must resemble opulence and wealthy, and this closet design is the best example. Everything here is high-quality, from the baroque-printed rug to the handcrafted hardwood closets to the leather upholstered footstools in a metallic shade resembling silver. The elegant chandelier in a futuristic shape, the shiny ceiling and the strong lights inside the closet strengthen the idea of luxury and class.
    • Not only women enjoy the functionality and comfort of a personal closet, but sophisticated men also love to have their personal items organized inside a luxurious closet. While ladies prefer light colors and glamorous items, men are more into dark colors. This idea of a men’s closet includes dark brown furniture, hardwood floors, an elegant beige bench and a stylish ceiling lamp.
    • This closet design is the climax of luxury, where everything speaks out wealth, opulence, and good taste. The white laminated furniture is decorated with hand-painted mirrors, and the royal furniture consisting of silk-upholstered armchairs in pale shades of pastels and a delicate table complete the fabulous design that embraces every dream of sophisticated women.

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