Make your home your post-rehab recovery temple

So after a long time of dealing with substance and alcohol abuse, you have finally made the choice of getting help and rehabilitate yourself. However, once your rehab process is complete, that doesn’t mean you are no longer subjected to cravings or temptation so you should take further action to ensure you are doing your best to keep your lifestyle balanced, and yourself far away from a relapse. Your home can become your recovery temple, and here are a few ideas on changes you could be implementing:

Set up a “workout zone”

Keeping yourself active is essential when you are trying to keep your life in order and prevent dealing with undesired cravings. For a healthy mind and body, and for a mindset that allows you to keep pushing against the memories revolving around your substance-abuse period, you should prioritize exercising, and your home is the ideal place to do that. You can put together a workout corner, a proper space where you can meditate, exercise and start off your day on the right note. Considering what specialist Johnny Tabaie has to say, physical activity will play a major role in your long-term healing process. And because going to the gym or for a run is not something you might always be in the mood of doing, having an at-home workout space will be extremely useful.

Get rid of everything that reminds you of your addiction

One of the first things you need to do as soon as you come back from rehab is throw out anything that brings back unwanted memories or reminds you of your struggle. Regardless if it’s a furniture item, a painting, a decoration, make any change that you know will improve the environment of your home, give your household the fresh vibes it needs to help you go through your healing process. If a thorough remodel is what you would actually need, go for it!

Light and nature

A properly lighted household and the right natural elements can have an amazing role in your mood and state of mind. Your household should promote a positive mood constantly, and by letting enough natural light in your home, or adding the right lighting fixtures if that is not a possibility, as well as adding green and natural elements to the place will work great. Potted plants, green color tones all around, and a luminous environment will keep your spirit up and your mood boosted. After returning from your treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary, your home should benefit from a warm, welcoming environment. While going to rehab is in fact the solution you were seeking to put an end to your addiction, managing to stay on track and prevent a relapse from occurring means you will need to go the extra mile, and continue your recovery journey even after completing your treatment. Because your home is where you spend quite a lot of time, making it appropriate for your fight against addiction could matter more than you think. The tips suggested above could help you create your private recovery temple, a household that promotes a drug and alcohol-free life.