Maximize Family Time with Minimum Effort

Busy schedules and responsibilities compel many parents to neglect spending quality time with their children without being aware that such an attitude results in negative consequences that could surface in the future. A growing child needs attention, care and guidance from an adult and as a parent, you have the obligation to witness and encourage his proper development. Not spending enough time with your kid does not necessarily mean that you are a bad parent; it just means that you have not learned yet how to prioritize things in your life. Fortunately, we can always make up for our mistakes and you have the possibility to maximize family time without too much effort or struggle. Even when they do spend more time at home, parents complain that necessary household tasks like doing laundry, cleaning the floors and cooking meals are time-consuming and impede them to organize activities that can stimulate their kids.

Join forces with your kids to complete household tasks

These parents are right but for any problem, you can always find a solution if you try hard enough. In this case, involving the children in household tasks represents the wisest move that you can make in order to keep them occupied and close to you. However, you have to be aware that you will not be able to complete the chores as fast as you usually do because the main idea is to spend as much time as you can with the children, not hurry them to finish the job in your place. Moreover, when folding the clothes together or gathering the toys and placing them in the basket, you have the chance to engage in conversations with them and teach them some important lessons that they will cherish, such as independency and responsibility.

Cook and enjoy dinner together

One of the activities that impede parents from spending quality time with their children is cooking, followed by cleaning the kitchen but you no longer have to worry because we have simple solutions that could put an end to this problem. It all depends on your choices and preferences. On one hand, you can choose a day to prepare several meals for the next days of the week. You practically create a meal plan that includes diverse meals. For instance, you can order seafood from for Tuesday and prepare vegetables for Wednesday. On the other hand, you can prolong the mealtime and talk about your day.

Reserve a whole day just for the family

You are a parent and employee at the same time, which means that you have to juggle with these two important parts of your life. Taking into consideration that you spend most of your weekdays at the workplace, it seems fair to reserve Saturday or Sunday just for the children. You can plan entertaining activities outside or even go in a short family vacation.  The truth is that you have countless options. You can even ask your kids and let them choose a favorite activity or a favorite place where you could go.