Mistakes employers should avoid when working with recruitment agencies

Whether it is about big companies from the corporate system, or about other smaller ones, more and more firms have decided to resort to the services of recruitment agencies in the last years. The moment a job position within the company is open, the employer seeks for the help of such agencies. It is recommended to work with agencies that have specialized personnel in specific domains, so searching for the best agency that provides Toronto IT recruiting services is mandatory in order to benefit from optimal results. Below are the main mistakes employers make when using recruitment agencies.

Working with too many agencies at a time

Some companies decide to work with several recruitment agencies and this is a good thing, taking into account that not all people who want to be hired go to the same agency. Having full exposure to every potential candidate that can fill the vacant job position within the company is important in this process. However, problems might appear the moment the employer  uses too many agencies. This might lead to receiving the same resume from various recruiters, which will turn out to be a waste of time for the employer. It is recommended to work with no more than three agencies at a time.

The employer does not meet with the recruiter

It is true that employers might have a lot of work to do, but they still should make time and meet with the recruiter. Making sure that the agent has understood your requests is mandatory.  It is necessary only an hour meeting with the recruiter in order to make them understand what you are looking for. In case you do not establish this meeting from the very beginning, you might eventually have to, because the recruiter might send you resumes that do not fit your requirements and you will have to spend several hours to select only the right ones.

Not trusting the agency

It is a matter-of-course that not all recruiters are professionals, which might give the other agencies a bad name. This is the reason why it is recommended to do some thorough research before choosing a specific recruitment agency. The recruiter has to be a trust-worthy and professional one, because this way you can be sure that it will find the right candidate for the job within your company. It is important for the recruiter to know the market very well and to have a good communication relationship with the employer for the entire process.