The nautical trend is particularly fun and a good idea for when summer comes. Maritime motifs are very popular in interior decoration. And not only in common areas such as bedrooms and corridors, but also in the living room. Even if you do not have a beach cottage (most of us do not), you can still integrate beachy decoration ideas in your home, no matter where you live. Here is all the inspiration you need. Have fun!

Choice of materials and textures

The interior materials and textiles must include natural, eco or organic materials like wood, wicker, bamboo, rattan, cane, cotton, flax or hemp. So, choose furniture and accessories that meet the above specifications. When you think about the design of this personal space, you can get as creative as you want. If you love the sound and look of the ocean why not take the opportunity to place a fish tank? Why settle only with sailor stripes and use of traditional maritime colors blue and white? Wood paneling on the walls creates the feeling that you’re inside the cabin of a ship…You can also opt for painted white wood, to produce a similar appearance to that of a shipyard or beach house.

Decorating with colors

Blue is most often used for painting the wall or decorating a space by using blue decoration items. The brown color is present in furniture and floors. Blue and brown contrasts beautifully and seem very well suited for the theme. The nautical style is composed of mainly neutral colors that define it and give it life. There are different shades of blue that symbolize the sea, a variety of shades of brown or yellow to symbolize sand and coral accents that remind you of vegetation and marine life. Furthermore, the white walls can create the feeling of a airy space, “touched” by the sea breeze.

Home decor and accents

Generally when we think of this style, we also think about white, navy and red stripes. However, it takes much more than stripes and shades to create the perfect nautical atmosphere in your living room. Decoration plays an essential role when it comes to creating a nautical ambiance in the living room. For example, you can hang white ropes around the windows. And do not forget to pay attention to the wheels and mirrors, maps, ropes and paddles. In terms of color, blue is best highlighted by accents of color. For example, a set of white sofa and armchairs can be successfully accessorized with some blue or stripped cushions. The seat covers, carpets, rugs, draperies and curtains are other accessories that are part of the nautical style.

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