Pool Maintenance Costs – Is it Worth the Investment?

Having a pool at home is the ultimate summer blast but it may not be all fun and games when it comes to dealing with its maintenance. Keeping the pool in the best condition involves some high costs that you need to be aware of before starting to build a pool at home. When you draw the line and you add both the installation and the maintenance expenses, you might be tempted to question your decision of going for a home pool. Given how many maintenance tasks you will have to complete afterward, it’s best to analyze whether or not the investment will be worth it. There are a few steps that need to be taken before contracting a team to build your pool. You need to analyze your budget, have a look at the advantages, and investigate the further costs implied. No doubt about it, it brings plenty of benefits that you will enjoy in the long run.

Having a pool is really fun

Nonetheless, having your own home pool will ensure endless fun in the hot season. Whenever you will feel like taking a swim, all you will have to do is go to the backyard and dive into your personal pool. No more public pool fees, no more crowds, and unlimited access to a swimming pool at any time are only a few of the advantages of investing in a home pool. Besides the entertainment it provides, there are also other advantages of owning a pool that people appreciate even more.

    The pool increases the value of your house

    There are many good things about having a pool at home. If you think like a real estate agent, you will realize that each improvement you bring to your home will eventually make it more valuable. A garden with a pool that makes it look more appealing will also make your house look more interesting, even though you are not planning to sell it in the near future. Therefore, you should consider the pool a long-term investment that will one day pay off.

    Not sharing the pool with others

    Another reason why people decide to build a pool is the fact they don’t want to share one with strangers. Public pools are the proper environment for a series of bacteria and fungus that can threaten your health. A personal pool will eliminate the need for sharing the pool with other people so you will enjoy a cleaner and safer swimming place.

    Full control over the cleanliness of the water

    If you have your personal pool, you will be in charge of keeping it clean so you will always have the certainty that you will submerge in a clean and safe water. Given that your health is at risk, you will never allow the water to get cloudy and dirty and you will know that you have done your best to prevent waterborne diseases.

Advantages-costs ratio

The pool doesn’t only require money when building it, it will constantly be needing you to look after its maintenance, which implies further expenses. The main task is to keep the water clean and that can only be done by investing in some high-end filtration systems. The question is whether or not the pool is worth all the future expenses it comes with, which aren’t few.

    Electricity costs

    What you first need to do is have a pump running and circulating the water, which will mainly increase the electricity bill. Depending on the size of the pool and the power of the pump, expect to pay at least $50 more per month for electricity. A large pump can add up to $300 to your bill, so consider that when you calculate the costs of running a pool.

    Filter replacement

    You will also have to replace filters that are sometimes very costly but that need to be replaced otherwise, the filtration system will not operate properly. This can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000 per year, depending on the type of filters you use. There are cartridges that can last for 6 months and some that need to be replaced monthly, hence, the expenses.

    Professional cleaning

    If you decide to resort to the help of a professional to clean your pool, the costs will reach around $200 per month, also depending on the pool size and the labor it requires. For the price, they will check the level of the chemicals in the pool, remove leaves and debris from the water, and clean the filter basket.

    Buying a robotic pool cleaner

    In order to save some money, many people decide to run the maintenance themselves by purchasing a robotic pool cleaner. An average model costs around $600 but you can also find more expensive robot cleaners for over $1,500. However, they are more convenient because they reduce the operating time of the pool pump and prevent the filters from getting clogged and requiring often replacements.

    Various repairs

    You must also consider potential damages of the pipes or the structure of the pool, which also need to be handled by a professional. Best case scenario, you will only have to pay for fixing leaks occasionally so the costs will be around $300 per year but not every year.

    Winter preparation

    When the winter comes, if you will not be able to use the pool anymore, you will have to winterize it by draining it, cleaning it, preparing the pump and filters for the cold season, and covering it. This can also be done by a pool company for around $150 every year.

Bottom line

After drawing the line, you will need to decide whether or not you are willing to sustain your home pool in the future and if you really need it that much. Many people give up on the idea of building a pool once they analyze all the maintenance costs involved while others go along with the construction because they are fond of swimming and they like the idea of swimming at home. In the end, it’s a matter of preferences and budget.