Read This Before You Organize & Upgrade Your Garage Before Winter

Winter is coming and you don’t want to be unprepared and totally disorganized when it is already snowing. You need a space where you can put all those useful winter tools in order to easily handle them whenever they are needed. It would be much easier if you would get all these things done before it gets too cold and snowdrifts start invading your space. In general, the garage is the place where all the unnecessary things are stored. Maybe in the summertime, the garage serves only for parking your car or dumping other materials, but in winter, you will definitely find useful every inch of it. To make sure you capitalize all the space you have available, you need to be very organized. Let’s start with the basics.

Make a list of things you will need

Begin organizing the space by making a list of all the items and devices you have in your garage and you think they will come in handy when winter arrives.
  • shovel;
  • snow blower;
  • gloves;
  • battery booster;
  • snow broom;
  • ice chopper;
  • shoe and boot traction;
  • garden tools;
  • ice skis;
  • toolbox
Make sure you have enough shelves and boxes to store all these items in an organized manner. And don’t forget to save enough space to store the summer tires.

Create a constant temperature

If you are planning to spend a long time in the garage, it would be recommended to install a heating system. In the winter season, although you put on a lot of clothes, it still isn’t enough to keep a constant body temperature. The latest modern market comes very in handy these days, providing a lot of heating options that are both cheap and effective. For example, a ventless fireplace such as that one that uses gel or electricity as fuel would be ideal for keeping a warm temperature in your garage. The best thing about them is that they are easy to move around the room, and provide enough heat to maintain the room’s walls and floor constantly warm. Also, a constant temperature is great for your car’s engine, when it’s freezing outside.

Keep the floor clear

The first step of a well-organized garage is clearing its floor. Avoid putting down any boxes, it will be uncomfortable for anyone who ever enters the garage and risks to hit objects that are standing in their way. Plus, you will not have enough space to park your car.

Keep your stuff in good conditions

When you start upgrading the garage, you might consider keeping in good condition all that stuff that you will not use during the winter season. In order to avoid a high level of moisture and humidity that can lead to mold growth, you should try using a dehumidifier appliance. During the cold season, humidity rises and can reach high levels, damaging all your stuff.

Store your tools on the wall

Maybe a hinged pegboard system would come in handy in order to store the winter tools on the wall. If you are good at doing things by yourself, you can easily build a bunch of shelves and put there the big tools like shovels or garden tools. In this way, you will easily reach them whenever you want while saving a lot of space.

Install metallic cabinets

These metal cabinets could be very useful for storing little things in their drawers. Or maybe heavier tools or items that can’t be hanged on the wall that could damage its structure. They provide strong resistance, so you can deposit even large clothing or winter equipment that would normally take a lot of space.

Get yourself a wall-mounted workbench

If the garage is the place where you need to spend a lot of time doing different activities like building or repairing stuff, a wall-mounted workbench is ideal. This box that you simply hang on the wall provides a lot of space where you can store all kind of working tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, drills, glue guns and others. It will spare you a lot of trouble by keeping organized all your tools that are usually kept in boxes or small spaces that are hard to reach.

Ensure proper light

Of course, you want being able to see when entering the garage, it’s clear you don’t want to hit things in your way. Make sure you install a properga lighting system to cover the whole place. You never can be too cautious. There are big chances that a winter storm challenges your power and…. darkness everywhere. You could find a backup power supply useful, in case of a power outage. Maybe you could try battery-powered motion sensor lights that can provide light anytime no matter the conditions.

Overhead storage

In case that, after putting all these things together and organizing each corner of the room, you still have plenty of things to store, maybe you will use the garage’s ceiling as a storage place. These overhead garage storage systems will really come in handy for depositing a lot of stuff. They will help you save a lot of floor and wall space.