Reasons you should consider using a water fed system this spring

During spring, your windows are exposed to harsh weather conditions, which affect their properties. Because there are a lot of rains during this season you will notice that your windows will not be as clean as they used to be, and you have to find a way to make them shine again. When your office windows are clean, you will benefit from natural light, and you will be able to work effectively, so you should focus on finding a cleaning system, which is able to meet your needs. On option would be to purchase one of the water fed systems, provided by professional companies.

What is a water fed system?

A water fed system is a cleaning equipment made from a hose, a tank of purified water and an extendable pole, with a special brush on its end. The water found in the tank is pumped through the hose, up to the pole and out of the brush-head. A professional cleaner moves the brush-head across the windows and it removes the existent dirt. After the dirt is removed, the brush is lifted from the window and more water is sprayed on it for a final rinse. The water used in this process is totally pure and is left to dry naturally. Cleaning companies advise office managers to use this system when cleaning their windows in the spring, because there are left no marks on the windows. In addition, in case your office is located in at one of the superior floors, you should choose this system, because the operators will work from the safety of the ground.

Why should I take into consideration this system?

If you are not decided if you should switch or not from the traditional cleaning method you should take a look at these advantages. You will not experiment any damage on your office, because the cleaning equipment is not heavy, and even if it falls over, it will not destroy any of your belongings. However, there are very little chances of dropping while being moved from a window to another, because the water fed system is quite light. When using this system, not only your windows will be cleaned but also your frames, so you will benefit from an extra service included in the same price. The traditional method lasts longer, because many products have to be used. You can try to use the fed pole system by yourself, but it is advisable to contract an experienced person, because he knows how to handle the equipment. The cleaning process can take time while you are at the office, because you do not have to worry that someone will stare at you while being in a meeting. No one will compromise your privacy, because the cleaner will stay on the ground and he will only handle the system on your windows. Other advantage is that there will be left no cloth-smears on the glass, because the windows will dry naturally.