Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Your home’s bathroom needs to be efficient in the morning as you prepare to head to the city for the day and comfortable in the evening as you prepare for a reinvigorating sleep. When it comes to bathroom remodeling St Louis MO, look for experts who can give the room an upgrade quickly and at the right price, and keep these tips in mind.

Big Ticket Items Drive Every Project

Decisions about the shower or tub and the vanity will determine the overall direction of your project. Just about everything else is complementary.

The area around the sink is some of the most valuable real estate in the home. Whether on the countertop, in the medicine cabinet or on a shelf, products used every day need to be within reach. It all begins with the vanity, so you should be wrangling the most counter space you can around the sink and storage space beneath it or above it, or both.

With no children at home, empty nesters often take out the tub and make do with a shower. A shower-only option typically can be done in less space, but the potential leftover space might be inconsequential. However, you could also do an oversized shower that allows space for a bench to sit on while drying yourself off. From a cost perspective, the more important shower or tub choice is whether to reline it or to make the more expensive decision to replace it.

It’s a Fresh Start for Fixtures

Unless the sink and shower fixtures are one-of-a-kind pieces that you can’t bear to give up, remodeling is the time to scrap those items since new hardware is relatively inexpensive. The same is true for the lighting fixtures and towel racks. After you’ve settled on the look of the vanity and shower or tub is the time to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lights and updated hardware.

Piling on Tile Can Add to the Cost

Yanking out the floor is usually a given. Fancy tile can be costly, but the secret is to go easy on wall tile except where you need it for the tub and shower surround, and break out the paint brushes instead. Fresh coats every few years can give the look of the room a new life.

If you’re interested in updating your bathroom, having an overall concept in mind is key. The contractor can handle the nuts and bolts.