Six Tips for Gorgeous Living Room Lighting

If you ask a sample group of homeowners about their favourite room of the home, chances are the majority will tell you it is the living room. Which is of course not surprising as this is the room where most of the family entertainment, relaxation and general fun occur. Therefore, it is hardly a revelation that the living room also tends to be the space that gets the most attention, time and thought when it comes to decorating efforts. But while it’s common for homeowners to go to extreme lengths with things like buying new furniture, wallpapering and painting, one thing that very often gets overlooked is the importance of appropriate lighting. The unique way in which designer interior lights could improve the dynamic of a room is quite fantastic, but one does not have to necessarily invest in the most exclusive and expensive products on the market to be able to create a genuinely wonderful effect. Breathing new life into the living room and turning it into an inviting living space could be easier than you thought – here are a few ideas for a start from the experts at :

1 – Consider How the Room Is Used

First up, you will of course have to think about what exactly it is you use the room for most of the time. If it is a case of endless family fun and chaos, you will probably require different lighting than people who host elegant social gatherings on a weekly basis. It is simply a case of considering where people usually sit, where most of the action takes place, which spots of the living room you would like to highlight, how bright the room should be and so on – all of that will help in determining the kinds of lighting fixtures to install in your living room.

2 – Don’t Forget the Dimmers

An absolute necessity for every living room and essential in rooms with central lighting, a dimmer switch has the potential to truly transform any living space of the home. If you invest even in the simplest of light fixtures and in effective bulbs, a dimmer switch will allow you to instantly transform an active and bright living room into a romantic, cosy relaxation haven. A dimmer switch costs next to nothing and is a breeze to install – absolutely crucial for any living room.

3 – Think About Zoning

Chances are you usually use your living room for not only one thing and the room serves a few different purposes. Therefore, it only makes sense to consider lighting by way of different zones – splitting the living space into separate areas and considering each area’s lighting needs separately. If for example you write on a desk in the corner every now and then, task lighting could serve a great practical purpose while at the same time contributing a decorative touch. The same is also valid for a dining table which would benefit no end from a dedicated lighting source.

4 – Lighting Accents

Don’t overlook the importance of strategic lighting when it comes to illuminating anything in the living room of particular value or interest. It could be that decorative accessory on the side, the prized painting on the wall or a primary piece of furniture – all of these could be lit up in a way that attracts attentions to them and produces a primary point of focus in the living room.

5 – Ideal Proportions

Try to be careful when it comes to the size of the lighting fittings and fixtures you choose for the living room as it is crucial to maintain a sense of proportion. Put simply, just as it is not the best ideal to set up a huge chandelier in a small living space, chances are you will not be happy by the effect produced by a tiny pendant light that illuminates a big living room.

6 – Ensure Continuity

Last up, it is not really a tip confined only to the living room but it is nevertheless amazing just what a big difference it could make to the home’s styling in general to make sure you use similar lighting in the rooms of the home. It is a case of creating a sense of continuity by taking the theme of the living room into the other rooms of the home. If this is something you are considering, you will no doubt need to think about your decisions early on as there are certain kinds of lighting that are appropriate for the living room but not elsewhere.