Stainless Steel vs Ceramic Cookware-Pros, Cons and Other Considerations

As we know, in the past people tried a lot of tools in the kitchen. The most common pan in one’s kitchen was the Teflon one, for its nonstick property. Meanwhile, technology has advanced and the cookware has developed fast. Many other options have appeared, in order to provide a healthier food for the consumers. There are two big categories of cookware: the stainless steel one and the ceramic one; which of them do you think is the best? Are there any differences between them? Is one of them safer than the other one? Below, we will present you some advantages and disadvantages of both.

Sticky surface or not?

The big difference between ceramic and stainless steel cookware is, surely, one is non-stick and the other is not. Let’s admit that everyone who buys a pan, a pot, etc. wants to know if it is “safe” for their food, so maybe the most important feature when buying it is to know if it is sticky or not. Well, in this case, comparing to the stainless steel cookware, the ceramic one is the winner. Despite the fact that it is a healthy option, without chemicals and toxins, it is simple to use, without end up sticking your food, because food will flow easily even without oil used. Furthermore, when using the stainless steel pans you always have to add more oil. So, stainless steel pans are good for stewing, deep frying, everything but not searing.

Cookware’s lifetime

In terms of durability in the ceramic vs. stainless steel cookware war, the latter earns it at all. Starting with the ceramic cookware’s first, they are not praised for the best durability, because their coating will easily remove from the surface. On the other side, the stainless steel ones are very durable in time. You will notice that a qualitative stainless steel is also resistant to scratches. Its lifetime is very long, which is obviously a pro because it can be passed for generations. Regarding these, on durability the winner is the stainless steel, but that doesn’t mean that the ceramic ones cannot be used at all.


Let’s say heating is not the best feature of these two categories. For both, low heating is enough. When talking about the ceramic pans, high heat can damage their layer and they won’t be able to be flexible anymore. Concerning the stainless steel, it itself is a material that doesn’t need very much heat; which obviously means low cooking performance. But if you really want to use the stainless steel one you can put on heat-transferred materials such as aluminum or brass, they will help you to increase the heat and will fasten the cooking process. So, at this point of heating, both ceramic and stainless steel products are at the same level.

The cutlery in our kitchens

The cutlery plays, too, an important role in one’s kitchen, especially the knives. Isn’t it important to have a well-sharpened knife to easily cut everything you want? However, there are so many choices on the market, but should you buy a ceramic knife or a stainless steel one? Apart from this, there are so many brands so that puts us in difficulty when choosing it. Will the most expensive one be also the best one? Maybe a cheaper one? The knife represents the most important item in the kitchen, once you find and buy the proper one, you will see that cooking will become a lot easier. Ceramic knives are sharper than steel knives for all purposes and intents, but compared to the stainless steel ones, these can break more easily. Stainless steel knives can cut rough food and press garlic, a thing that the ceramic ones cannot do. An advantage to both types of knives is that they are almost impossible to stain. So, if you want a knife “for life” we recommend you a ceramic one, but for daily using and low budget, a stainless steel one may work.