The award winning Gwent Mechanical handlings are now ISO 14001 accredited  

  As the title clearly states, the amazing, award winning Gwent Mechanical handlings are now ISO 14001 accredited. What does that mean? It means that Gwent are now showing higher levels of consideration regarding the way in which they impact the environment during the manufacturing process as well as the pieces of equipment. And since the Gwent Mechanical Handling awarded ISO 14001, let’s find out more about this standard.  

Environmental Management

This particular quality standard is bound to make companies in all industries more responsible environment-wise, regardless of the activity domain or the specifics of their industry. By getting this standard, companies employ larger environmental responsibilities to all stakeholders in equation. The standard itself requires from the companies who aspire acquiring it to declare what they are doing for minimizing the impact they have on the environment and to adapt their actions and production processes in such a manner to decrease the damaging elements resulted from it. The main goal of this standard is to:
  • Gain and maintain a generous market share by using “green” processes.
  • Gain and demonstrate the environmental performances acquired by the company and involving the stakeholders in “green” approaches. A technical and economical approach of environmental issues, their solutions, as the company is proposing them.
  • Attract ethical investors and investments.
  • Reduce insurance risks.
  • Reduce the manufacturing costs by implementing a more efficient strategy of using the existing resources and recycling elements that are possible to recycle.

Why is this standard relevant for Gwent Mechanical Handling?

As all companies that respect themselves, this one is also trying to reduce the impact is has on the environment. And this new standard is the proof for succeeding in their journey to a greener approach on all manufacturing processes and their relationships with stakeholders. This means that the company is more aware regarding the way in which its activity impacts the environment and that it puts great efforts, both strategic and financial to minimize the print left on the environment by their activity. Also, their management system and hierarchy suffered true mutations in order to achieve the level at which acquiring this standard is a real perspective. Becoming an ISO 14001 quality standard certificated company is a difficult task. Thus, considering their new achievement should be something all companies that are enjoying their products should do.

Operational improvements and better products

By applying for such certificates, the companies must invest plenty of their resources to adjust their operational processes so they fit the standard in discussion. Also, strict regulations and laws must be followed, which means that all companies must compromise something if the aim to become environmental-friendly. As you can easily notice, acquiring the ISO 14001 standard certificate is a great accomplishment for this manufacturer. This means that those using their products should worry less that for providing their necessities a company compromised the environment and that they are guilty for being a part of this network.