The Products That Will Put Your Housecleaning on Autopilot

There are so many things to do in order to keep a house clean that most times they get you exhausted. Doing laundry, vacuuming the floors and carpets, or scrubbing the kitchen take time and the bad part is that postponing the house cleaning will do even worse. No matter if you’re a housewife and you spend most of the day tidying the house or a career woman and you are most of the time at work, you still need to increase your housecleaning efficiency. And this doesn’t only apply to women, but also to men. Maintaining the house or apartment clean is usually seen, by both men and women, as a chore. And we totally agree. But isn’t a faster and more efficient way to clean the house? Luckily, there is. The secret consists in following a cleaning schedule and getting the right products and equipment that will finally get you cut the cleaning time in half. Now let’s see which are the most efficient products that will help you built the most efficient clean “team”.

Must-Have Cleaning Devices for the Entire House

  • Robot Vacuum >          A robot vacuum guides itself automatically, thus being able to clean the floors without your help. It may not be as powerful as the traditional vacuum cleaners but it is ideal for maintaining a house clean. These devices work on a wide range of surfaces, including carpets. Some of them include a remote control for more convenience while others are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can communicate with them even if you’re away. Some models were improved for better handling pet hair or dirty carpets, so depending on your needs, your house will be always clean. Some models, also include a mop function to clean the floors. Of course, for better results, you can buy a robot mop separately.
  • Robotic Window Cleaner          Although not as popular as the robot vacuums, robotic vacuum cleaners gain more and more popularity. They use either motor-induced suction or magnetic connectivity and they come with a remote control to guide them from distance. These devices can automatically clean the window indoors and outdoors while you’re sitting comfortably on the couch. They are versatile and easy to operate, being a real time-saver when it comes to cleaning the windows. Of course, they need some improvements, but all in all, they perform pretty well. In the following lines, we will focus on each and every part of the house to help you finish the job faster and better.


        The kitchen is the place where you make the most mess, so you have to put more effort into keeping it clean. Plus, it is equipped with a stove, a vent hood, a refrigerator, and so on. Each of these appliances needs to be cleaned and this implies a lot of effort and time. A good tip is to always keep your cleaning supplies in the same place and try to invest in those cleaning solutions that have proven their efficiency over time. In general, you only need a pair of gloves, microfiber cloths, all-purpose surface cleaners for the counters and special cleaners for the appliances. You can also opt for homemade solutions that include water, vinegar, or baking soda. There’s no need to spend your money on too many supplies as you most certainly won’t use them. Plus, they only occupy more space. For scrubbing the stove and the sink faster, you can get an electric scrubber. It is similar to an electric toothbrush and includes various brush heads that can gently and efficiently handle multiple surfaces.         While kitchen appliances may only need to be cleaned several times a week, the dishes need to be washed after each meal. Instead of manually washing them – which according to some studies is the chore that most likely will ruin a relationship – opt for a dishwasher that will basically do the job for you. You just have to load the dishes, add a special cleaning solution, and push the start button. In this way, you will be able to spare a lot of time.


         When it comes to the bathroom, your first priority should be to sanitize the toilet, sink, the bathtub and/or the shower. While special cleaning products do a great job, they don’t kill the germs and bacteria. If you want, you can use a solution made of vinegar and water to sanitize the bathroom but you will be more efficient if you have a steam cleaner specially designed to sanitize multiple surfaces. It will not only help you remove stubborn limescale, but it will also help you kill up to 99% of bacteria and germs. Using a steamer is pretty easy and here comes the most important thing, it will help you finish the job faster. Also, you can use the steamer to sanitize the floor or other objects in the house.

Bedroom&Living Room

        A clean bedroom will provide a safe sleeping environment for you and your family. In general, the bedroom doesn’t require too much cleaning. Besides vacuuming the floor, you also need to wash the laundry. According to specialists, sheets should be changed on a weekly basis as they accumulate dust mites, dead skin, bacteria, and so on. Therefore, besides washing them on high temperatures, you should also steam them to remove the bacteria. While most houses have a washing and a dryer machine, only some of them have a clothes steamer. With the help of a steamer, the chore of using an iron will be forgotten. A steamer is much easier to use and it works on a wide range of materials, including delicate fabrics. You can use it to steam your clothes, laundry, curtains, drapes, and so on.          Also, for permanent dust removal, you can also consider an air purifier. It helps reduce the accumulation of dust by trapping it and keeping your indoor air clean. Therefore, besides the fact that it increases the air quality and allows you to breath clean air, it also reduces the time you spend removing the dust. Also, you won’t have to constantly dust off the house.         Except for the laundry, a living room requires pretty much the same maintenance as the bedroom. If you live in a larger house, you can add another air purifier to make sure the amount of dust is significantly reduced. Also, you have to pay special attention to the couch but a steamer can help you keep it clean without hassle.           Keeping a house clean seems a difficult task but if you take advantage of the latest cleaning technologies, you can forget about this hassle. It’s true that equipping your house with all sort of cleaning gadgets is rather costly but in the long term, you get to save more time for yourself. Focusing on the things that really matter while having a clean house is no longer a dream. Each of these cleaning products are highly-efficient and they are a great ally when it comes to keeping away the dirt.