Things you need to know about retiring in France

When it comes to France, a lot of people are thinking about moving there for the rest of their life. The refined French cuisine, the beauty and the romantic air of this country along with their excellent healthcare system are only a few factors that determine people to make this important step. Whether you want to move there for good, you know someone who lives there and wants to retire, or you are just curious about how the retirement system works, here are some useful pieces of information that you should know.

How to qualify for a French pension

France is considered one of the best places to retire. In order to qualify for a French pension you must be a resident in France and work there for a certain number of years, as well to meet other terms. All people who work in France are obligated to contribute to the Securite Sociale, which is the public pension reserve fund in order to claim French pension. After you find out more about securite sociale seine saint denis, you must know that in order to be eligible for a French pension, it is necessary to work for at least ten years. The pension amount you are going to receive varies depending on certain factors, and one of them is the number of years you have worked.  In order to get the maximum pension amount it is obligatory to work 43 years, or even forty, depending where you were born. Usually the minimum age to retire is usually 62, although in order to draw your full French pension it is necessary to be 65 years old. However, there are some exceptions. For example, disabled people, those who worked in toxic environments and stressful circumstances, or the ones who have worked from a young age are able to retire earlier. It is possible to work even after your retirement term, and pension will increase depending on the number of quarters you work after.

The conditions of retirement for mothers and European citizens

There are pension benefits for mothers who take maternity leave. For example, for each child, there are eight quarters automatically added which adds four more in order to raise him. This is valid even if the child is adopted. If a citizen from E.U did not work the amount of years required in France, but worked in other countries from Europe, the numbers of years from each country can be combined in order to be eligible for the French pension. As an example, if you worked 15 years in France and 27 in any other European country, it is still possible to claim French pension.  It is preferable to search more details about this depending on your situation. Once you have reached the suitable age to retire, it is necessary to get in touch with the Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse. Your pension will be calculated based on the number of years you have worked, your contribution to the French social system and other personal factors.