This is why landlords should register with letting agents

A relative of yours has just passed away and left you a nice looking house in Long Eaton. You have a home of your own and you don’t want to make to force your children to move house. The experience can be traumatic for them. So, what do you do? The only thing you can do is let the property. You can make a great deal of money from the house and you have the freedom of doing what you want, even if that means repainting the house or doing landscaping to the yard. If you have a property to let, you should get in touch with a letting agent in Long Eaton right away. Why? you ask. Because only a trained professional can help you successfully let your property. If you think that using a facilitator isn’t a good idea, you might want to change your mind. Once you’ve read this article, you’ll see things differently.

Avoiding costly mistakes

Humans make mistakes. Making mistakes is the way we learn important life lessons. However, You will not want to make mistakes when letting the house your dear relative left you. Instead of making profit, you’ll only lose money. As a landlord, you can make costly mistakes without even realising it. For instance, you might not be aware of the fact that you have to deposit the rent in a tenancy deposit scheme that is backed by the government. You have to and if you don’t put your deposits in the tenancy deposit scheme, you’ll be fined. The government doesn’t care that you don’t know the regulations. A letting agent has know-how when it comes to laws, so they can save you from making costly mistakes.  

Checking the tenant’s background

It’s needless to say that checking the tenant’s background. Doing so will help prevent issues and reduce your risks. What you have to understand is that you are letting the person into your house and into your life. Being a busy parent, you don’t have time to check tenant references. Even if you do, chances are that you won’t do a proper check-up. This is why you need a facilitator. Visit this page to find a great letting agent:  A letting agent will thoroughly check the tenant. They ask for proof of identity, do a credit check, and talk to other landlords. The great thing is that letting agents don’t take tenant’s word. They verify every statement.

Dealing with tenant problems

Tenants aren’t bad people. Some of them are really good-behaved, while others simply don’t have respect for other people’s properties. If you’re unfortunate enough to have a bad tenant, they’ll constantly cause you problems. You shouldn’t expect the tenant to destroy your property completely, but know that repairs will be necessary. Wouldn’t you like to not have to deal with such things? If you use a letting agent, you don’t have to do anything about it. The facilitator is the one that handles problems that arise during tenancy, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is paying the letting agency for their services.