Tips for transforming your student room into a home

You’ve managed to get into Newcastle University. Congratulations! Newcastle University offers teaching of the highest quality in the U.K., so you’re lucky that you’ll be attending this educational institution. Since there weren’t any more places in the university halls, you had no choice but to rent privately bedroom student accommodation Newcastle. At least you have a place to stay. The room isn’t tiny or cramped, but it doesn’t exactly make you feel comfortable. It’s not a home far away from home. If that’s the case, transform it into an actual home with our tips.

Start unpacking

You’ve just arrived in Newcastle and you haven’t found the time for unpacking your suitcase and boxes. You were too busy exploring the city. Even though unpacking is the last thing you want to do when arriving at student accommodation, somebody has to do it. Do you see any volunteers? No, meaning that you have to unpack your own suitcase and boxes. Once you’ve unpacked your personal possessions and arranged them, you’ll see that the bedroom feel more homey. The sundry little items you have make the new place more comfortable and inviting.

Decorate the walls

The letting contract stops you from painting the walls or drive nails, but it doesn’t say anything about decorating. You have the freedom to decorate the walls with whatever you want as long as you don’t damage them. What you can do is hang up posters and pictures. A housing company like FindSpace Newcastle won’t have a problem with that. You can find posters at local shops, so don’t  threat if you left yours at home. If you aren’t particularly fond of music artists or bands, you can decorate the bedroom walls with photos from magazines.

Buy throw pillows

Throw pillows, or decorative pillows, are a great way to change the feel of the room. The pillows offer you the emotional support you need during your first year of university. You can hold them tightly and release your anger or sorrow. Throw pillows have health benefits as well. They ensure you a good night’s sleep and correct head and neck alignment. Throw as many cushions as possible on your bed. Don’t forget about the sofa.

Make your room homey with potted plants

Passion for plants is something that you haven’t yet managed to understand. How can someone care so much for greenery? It doesn’t hug you and it doesn’t kiss you. No, but plants provide cleaner air and reduce your chances of getting sick. Having potted plants in your student room is a great thing. Greenery makes the environment healthier and boosts your mood. Just give potted plants a try and you will see. Your first university year in Newcastle won’t be easy. You’ll be living alone for the first time in your life, not to mention that you’re away from home. If you don’t want to succumb to depression, take action right away. One of the things to start with is your bedroom. Transform it into a home far away from home. This will make your first year at university a lot easier to handle.