Tips for writing a blog when you are over 70

If you feel lonely or bored when you 70 years old or more, experts recommend starting writing a blog, because it can bring a lot of advantages for you. And if you do not know what to do, here they are some good tips which can definitely help you.

Types of content that your readers may be interested about:

  • Diary style. You can treat the blog as your own online diary. And if you decide to make it public, you should not be afraid, due to the fact that online nobody knows you. Moreover, you can write articles by using a nickname or a pseudonym. This type of content is usually interesting for your readers, due to the fact that they may have the tendency to identify with you. And if you want a good example in this case, try, a blog which is written by a creative lady from UK.
  • List style. You can write articles which look like lists. For example, if you like shopping, you post a list with the items that you have bought this month. You can be a source of inspiration for the others.
  • Are you passionate about cooking? Why do not you try posting some of your cooking secrets online, in order to help others? Believe it or not, the majority of persons are looking online for information, when they want to cook something and they do not have any clue how to do it.
  • “How to do texts”. If you want to make your blog popular, you can try writing some texts where you can explain people who to do something. For example, if you are talented enough as to create handmade jewellery, you can show people how to do this activity. In this case, it is also highly recommended using some video content too. And do not worry because you do not have to film your face.
  • Funny stories. You have are a funny person, try to write your posts in a way that has the role to offer people good energy and to influence them in a very positive way. They appreciate it more than drama.

Other good tips for having a popular blog:

  • Keep it original. Do not copy anything because it can affect a lot your blog quality. Plus, nobody likes to see his or her content stolen by someone else.
  • Use photos. If you like photography, you can take the photos yourself. And if you download them from other sources, do not forget to mention the authors.
  • Check your text twice, before posting something, due to the fact that grammar or spelling errors may appear.
  • Create a page on social media and promote your blog content there, only by pressing on the sharing button.
  • Start following other blogs and posting comments for their writers. Some of them would be kind enough as to return you the favour.
  • Post something new at least once a week. If you do not have a constant activity, your readers can forget about your blog and they will not visit it so often.
  • Learn some SEO techniques, by taking an online course.