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Pool Care Basics -Tips to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

With summer here, everyone knows what a staple a good pool party is. And everyone wants a piece of the pool fun. But not all are ready to put in the work to have the azure blue, glowing in the sun, just the right temperature kind of pool. The work that goes behind keeping it crisp and clear can be too much when you don’t know what comes first or can’t organize the priorities.

If you want to be part of the few that can pull it off, stay with us to find out the pool care basics.

So you finally own a pool…

But what comes first? Many assume that owning a pool for the first time is like a movie experience: You buy your house, you prance into the backyard with your towel and Voilà! There you have a perfect swimming pool, all ready for plunging in.

The reality, however, is that there are quite a few steps to follow if you want to live out this dream.

And even if you are not a first-time owner, this can serve as a reminder of what to do.

The process starts with a thorough cleaning, an assessment of the structural integrity to see if it is up to par (and if not – fixing it comes next), checking for any loose fixings – like the ladder steps, installing everything needed for pool safety, treating the water, and this all turns you into a fatigued, but proud owner of an impeccable pool.

4 Cleaning steps to keep in mind

Skim, brush, vacuum, treat. Those are the absolutely cannot do without steps that make or break the look of the pool.

  • Skimming requires a long rod with a fish-tank like net that helps you scoop any unwanted ‘guests’ like leaves, grass, pebbles, or whatever finds its way in. This way you ensure a mirror rivaling surface that feels inviting to anyone. For a little help, install a skim basket that catches any reappearing nuisances in between your cleanings. 
  • Brushing is done to loosen any unsightly sediments off the pool walls, the ladder, the pumps, filters, you name it. The brushes also come with a telescopic rod to make your life easier and every corner of the pool cleaner. If you have any trouble with brushing, or it doesn’t seem to be going as fast as you would like, just search for the best rated pressure side pool cleaner available and let it do the hard work. 
  • Vacuuming is the final step in debris collection, topping off a job well done by leaving behind a spotless surface. If, by any chance, the pool does have spots, or stains that are hard to remove, simply apply stain treatment and forget they were there in the first place. 
  • Treating the water is the difference between enjoying a hot summer day at the poolside and unexpectedly going to the ER. Why? Any bacteria, algae, germs, and other unthinkable microscopic pests tend to love moist environments. So your pool party can be their pool party too. Check the chemical levels in your water and treat it accordingly with chlorine tablets, algaecide, calcium, or anything it asks for. You’ll thank yourself and so will your guests.

Is your pool unsafe?

Just as important as cleaning is pool safety. Surely you don’t want to spend all your time treating the water only to end up at the ER anyway for overlooking the surrounding area of the pool. Do your rounds in every corner and check the following:

Any loose bolts or rust

On the ladder, the trampoline, the slide, the pool lights, the drain grate, and anything that makes for a risk factor. Other than being unsightly, they are a threat in the form of possible injuries, infections, or electrocution.

Faulty safety equipment

Gate, fence, or pool alarm. In case you have children or pets that you would rather keep away from the pool when they are not supervised, some kind of enclosure or motion detector is required – and if they don’t work properly they need immediate tending to.

The pool deck

It must be clear at all times. No random screwdriver lingering about, no poolside furniture being a tripping factor, no miscellaneous slip-and-fall aids.

Floating aid

Be certain you have at least 2 or 3 flotation devices – floaties, a pool noodle, a life vest, and also a hook for a quick rescue. Pair those with a first-aid kit and your mind can be at ease.

In the end

After doing a final walk-through of your checklist you can finally sit down on a nice lawn chair, with the breeze in your hair, the sun on your face, and the soft humming of the pool pumps that remind you of the sparkling clean gem you can now pride yourself with at the next barbecue.

Just call your friend and tell them to book this weekend at your house.

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