Uses pops of colour in your kitchen

People are simply afraid to use bold colours when they decorate the kitchen space. They prefer monochrome styles, because they find easier to work with them, especially because in the kitchen there have to be installed multiple appliances and equipment pieces. But if you want to bring this room to life, then you can use some pop colours, because they will give personality to the room. In case you are a person who is passionate about cooking, then the kitchen is the heart of the house. You should not sacrifice look for functionality, because you can have them both. It will take a little more effort from your part, but it will totally worth. Here are some tricks that will help you work with pops of colour when decorating the kitchen.

Create a focal point

If you want to use something small but with great effect, then you can create a statement point and use neutral shades for the rest of the room. For example, use some coloured ceramic tile for a small area. Another idea is to choose the furniture in a bold colour. For this you can check the models available in kitchen showrooms in Sheffield or you can create a bespoke one. In case you are not afraid to take risks then you can blend bold colours on an entire wall.

Who says that you cannot use artwork in the kitchen?

A great way to make the kitchen the statement room of the house, is to bring some artwork inside. In the kitchen, you will admire that piece of art daily, so make sure that you choose an inspirational one. If you do not have ideas, what type of artwork to choose for this room you should inspire from the models listed in Kitchen & Bathroom Showroom in Sheffield. Hanging artworks on the walls of the kitchen make the space feel cosier and it gives it a personality. If you do not have windows you can use a landscape, it will inspire you when you will serve your breakfast during the morning.

Pay attention to trends

Trends in interior design are in a constant change, and the last years promoted bold colours for this room. One great idea is to design your kitchen in a Scandinavian style, all white. Then use white as a blank canvas and bring pops of colour. You can place inside coloured stools, to cheer up the space. Another option is to choose a playful lighting system. With a white canvas, you can constantly change the look of the kitchen.

Seasonal changes

If you get bored quickly then you should change the look of the kitchen regularly. You can inspire from the colours you see outdoors in the nature. Every season has its colour, during summer you can use shades of green, during summer you can play with pink, yellow, and pastel colours, during autumn, you can bring indoors the red of the leaves, and during winter you can make the kitchen froze with blue. Every season is a great source of inspiration.