What it takes to have a happy and healthy pup?

  Your dog needs constant love and care. They sense our absence differently, and sometimes they might perceive it as abandonment. You, as a loving mum or dad, want to avoid this, and make sure they understand it is only temporarily. This is why dog-walking services like those provided by dogwalkerseasternsuburbs.com come as a great advantage for those particular owners and their pups. While the owners get to manage their important business, the pup gets the well-needed walk and care, the socializing and fun they deserve. Below are some other things that might make your puppy happy and healthy.  

1. Hire dog-walking services during busy weekdays

Your dog still needs to exercise, regardless of the fact that you are away at work or not. You could get a relative to do this for you, but an even better alternative is to hire professional dog-walking services. Such companies only hire trained personnel, people with a clean criminal record, and those fully aware about a dog’s needs. Also, your dog will walk long enough to remain healthy, socialize enough to remain happy, and have all the fun they need so they will be comfortable and gentle when they get home.  You don’t have to obstruct such simple joys if you lack the time. Simply hire such services when needed and they will be thankful.

2. Take care of their fur

Make sure you comb, brush and wash properly your dog’s fur as often as possible. By doing so, you’ll be sure you prevent excessive shedding, itching, and parasites. Dogs are quite sensitive to dust, and if it accumulates on their fur, there might appear rushes and irritations. Buy all the needed supplies to offer them the care they need, and make sure you invest in a great dog shampoo. If you are not sure what should you invest in, have a chat with your veterinarian and see what they suggest.

3. Buy them proper toys

Even if you are at home, you want to make sure you keep your dog entertained. Buy adequate toys so they can chew and play with. Also, chewing toys are great for their oral health, yet another important thing to keep up with if you want them happy and healthy. Make sure the toys you buy are specifically designed for this purpose, so they can play safely with them. Avoid toys that might represent a choking hazard.

4. Manage their stress levels with a well-deserved massage

This is a great way to interact with your pup, as well as a great stress and pain reliever. If your dog is experiencing any type of joint pain, this is a great way to annihilate it, as long as it is nothing too serious. To perform a great massage, make sure you rub gently their joints before going outside to play, and rub gently along the muscles to calm them when nervous. Here are some great ways in which you can make sure your pet will remain happy and healthy.