Making the decision to switch to a custom adhesive tape has the potential to be beneficial in an incredible number of ways. Right now, companies up and down Great Britain are turning to adhesive tape manufacturers to help streamline and optimise their businesses like never before. From welding to mechanical fixings to glues and other bonding methods, high quality adhesive tapes are slowly but surely replacing all traditional joining techniques and becoming the new standard.

Armed with the right adhesive tape, it is perfectly possible to speed up production, produce higher quality goods, reduce product weight, improve health and safety and bring costs under control. However, this is all dependent on ensuring that you invest in only the very best adhesive tape for the job – an adhesive tape that fits your needs to the letter.

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief roundup of six important considerations to bear in mind, when the time comes to order a custom adhesive tape for any purpose:

1 – Materials to Be Bonded

First of all, while there are certain adhesive tapes out there that claim to be universal, not all adhesive tapes are suitable for all purposes. While some may offer the most spectacular bonds when used with metallic surfaces, there’s every chance they may prove ineffective or even damaging when used with wood, plastic and so on. If you are ordering a custom adhesive tape, you need to think carefully about each and every material with which you intend to use it. Simply bring these to the attention of those manufacturing the tape and they will be able to produce the required products accordingly.

2 – Drying Times

It’s also a good idea to think about drying times – as in the time it takes after applying the adhesive tape for the bond to achieve maximum strength. More often than not, adhesive tapes deliver a near instant bond of outstanding strength, though it can then take some time for the bond to fully set in place.  Exactly what you intend to use the adhesive tape for will determine what kind of drying time is acceptable or otherwise. If unsure, simply ask your chosen manufacturer.

3 – Strength of Bond

The same also goes for the strength of the bond offered by the adhesive tape. In some instances, the only acceptable bond will be one that is quite literally rock solid and cannot in any way be moved.  In others however, it may be necessary for there to be a certain degree of flexibility or ‘give’ when the adhesive has set in place. The strength of the bond provided by an adhesive tape will always vary significantly from one to the next and there is no set standard. As such, you need to think carefully about your specific needs and ensure you bring them to the attention of the manufacturer.

4 – Removal

Likewise, you might want to think about whether or not it will be necessary to remove the adhesive tape at any point in the future. These days, it is perfectly possible to manufacture custom adhesive products, which along with delivering an incredibly robust bond can also be removed with ease and without leaving any marks behind whatsoever. At the other end of the scale, there are also adhesive products that deliver relatively weak bonds, though at the same time or extremely difficult to move and are guaranteed to leave a mess behind.  Whether or not this is of any relevance or importance is something that you and you alone must decide.

5 – Environmental Conditions

Before ordering a custom adhesive tape for any purpose, consider carefully the environmental conditions in which it will be used going forwards. The reason being that while some adhesive tapes offer fantastic moisture resistance, others will come loose at the first hint of dampness. Likewise, some adhesive tapes perform exceptionally well in hot or cold temperatures, while others may be compromised when the temperature spikes or drops.

6 – Health and Safety

Last but not least, taking health and safety into account is also important, given the way in which adhesives have the potential to be harmful. Think about where the tape is to be used, to it is to be used by and any other considerations like exposure, flammability and so on. Custom adhesive tapes can be manufactured to be extraordinarily safe and pose no risk whatsoever, but this is nonetheless something that cannot be taken for granted.

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