What You Need to Transform the Basement Into a Habitable Area

Planning a renovation or you just want to transform your basement into a pleasant healthy area for relaxing? Or maybe use it for fun, or planning to move there, no matter for what reason, you must consider a few things in order to transform it into a healthy habitable area. First of all, you need to ensure that your basement has enough space to be converted into an ordinary room. If you are doing minor changes, you will not need permission from building regulations, but in case you want to do major work, repairs or reconstruction, you should contact the competent institutions in order to achieve their approval. Then, you can start with the basics.

Wall painting and flooring

It’s important to check the walls and floor integrity, look carefully for possible cracks or holes because you must maintain a constant temperature in the room and prevent mold and allergens exposing. After doing all the necessary repairs, you should think about using a waterproof paint for the walls and ceiling and choose a high-quality flooring material. It’s recommended to use lighter paint to improve the look of natural lighting and brighter atmosphere and make sure it is waterproof because it contains latex and keeps away water degradation. The options of flooring are many, such as laminate, vinyl planks or ceramic tiles. Laminate is affordable and it would be better to be installed over a moisture barrier. Vinyl’s price can vary according to your needs, but it lasts for a long period, is easy to install and has very good moisture protection properties. When it comes to ceramic tiles, well, this type of flooring might be a little more expensive than other materials, but it is worth the price because it can withstand flooding or any other abuses. Try to avoid carpets or other materials like it, because rugs and carpets are susceptible to mold and moisture.

Create a healthy area

First of all, if you and all members of your family are going to spend a lot of time down in the basement you must be sure that the air in the room is clean and you are not in danger of inhaling mold spores or expose to allergens. Considering the lack of ventilation and outside air, you will have to create a proper habitable environment. You are more exposed in the basement to contacting all kind of toxins, dust, and allergens than in the upper rooms of the house. The most important fact is that children are much more vulnerable than adults in developing allergies or asthma and you don’t want to risk their health. An air purifier could provide you a breathable air by removing the dust and allergens from the air and pushing back fresh and clean air. Humidity is another massive issue often encountered in basements. Given the presence of water pipes and the lack of a ventilation source, chances are the air often becomes excessively humid, which can affect both the stability of the house and your health. A dehumidifier can solve this problem and is a long-term solution that will guarantee a perfectly habitable basement. By taking the right measures of reducing moisture and chemicals from the air, you will gain a livable area in your basement.


You have to be prepared for the cold season to keep the basement warm and cozy. There are many ways you can heat your basement by adding a fireplace if the room is large enough, buying a stove or an electric room heater or maybe if the room has small dimensions, a room-sized electric heater. Assuming you have enough space in the basement you can consider in buying a fireplace because it’s elegant, it can provide a lot of heat and warmth is maintained for a long period. It can be a little expensive though because its price is calculated per brick, and you also need a certain quantity of mortar to get the right consistency. Don’t forget to install smoke alarms or another device that can prevent possible fire risks. If you choose an electric room heater, you have to take into consideration the fact that it uses electric energy. The costs of such a device depend on what power it needs to function correctly and provide the needed amount of heat to warm up the room. A room-sized electric heater can give a smaller amount of heat, it costs almost nothing and it can be attached to the wall. It’s less powerful than other heating systems and doesn’t present any fire risks.

Lighting ideas

You need a proper lighting option in order to create a pleasant and relaxing environment. If you have pipes hanging from the ceiling, you can be creative and simply hang the light bulbs cables around them. They will look interesting and creative, are easy to install and also a low-cost method. Linear cove lights could be a good idea considering the fact that they can fit into any type of ceiling construction and they remain hidden thanks to the thin material they are made from. These lights have become very popular lately because of the elegant and relaxing atmosphere they create. Led lighting could be another option to create a low visual and relaxing atmosphere. This method is affordable, it’s easy to install and offers a large range of options of colors. You might want to also light up the stair that leads into the basement for a better vision on your way down. If you’re planning to transform the basement into a studying room, then you will need a high powered lighting. A chandelier mounted in the ceiling could provide enough light when you want to read a book or the newspaper or while doing any other activity that might affect your eyes perception.