Whole House Water Filter Installation – What Changes Need to Be Made

Water filters are constantly used for eliminating the pollutants or unwanted particles from the water. There are different types of water filters available to buy, but of course, you must choose the one which is best for the condition of your water. For example, if your water is potable or not, the water filter will have certain characteristics. The filter must have a process that destroys bacteria and pollutants from the water. There are several types available and the whole house filter seems to be the most convenient but also the most difficult to install. Below, we’ll show you the installation process and the changes which have to be made to accommodate such system.

Buying tips

You can use the help of an expert regarding the type of filter you have to buy for your place, considering some of them are cheaper than others. Also, you can establish a certain price, starting from the filter costs, to the requirements of the installation and maintenance. The filter costs differ by their size and efficiency, but also by the life period of the consumable parts that might constantly be changed.

Types of filters available

Under the sink water filter

There are a lot of types of such water filters you might need, for example, the one that can be placed under the sink. This is one of the most simple systems you can install. It’s easy to install if you follow the instructions, and it`s also efficient. It reduces the level of the sand and also the chlorine taste of the water. Installing this type of device means also installing filter cartridges under the sink, that provide the cleaning of the water, which you need to change twice a year to maintain a good quality of the cleaning process. Firstly, turn off the water that leads to the sink and remove the tubing, position the filter unit close to the cold water pipe, leave some space below the filter, to easily change the cartridges and then you can make the plumbing connections. For better usage, read the filter instructions or call a plumber to do that for you.

Countertop water filter

If you`re not satisfied with this method, you can use the countertop drinking water filter, that besides cleaning the bacteria from the water, it also adds minerals in it, like calcium, magnesium or potassium. It can be connected to the faucet via a flexible tube that can fill the filter unit, it`s also easy to install and it doesn`t need to be refilled like the one placed under the sink.

Faucet water filter

If you don`t like the idea of constantly refilling the pitcher, you can choose a faucet attachment. It filters every drop of the water, it is certified to filer almost 80 types of pollutants, meanwhile giving a refreshing taste to the water. It also gives you light signals that show you must change the filter. The filter can support around 100 gallons of water, meaning two or three months worth of water for a normal household. It has a long time life battery, but it`s not compatible with pull out faucets.

Installing a whole house filter

Generally speaking about water filters and their life period, there are some factors that can influence it less or more. For example, the high or low level of contaminants in your water, if the water is hard, meaning it contains a lot of minerals which also can clog the filter, if you use a lot of water, more than your average household, or depending if your water was already treated before or not. If you own a big place, you should buy a whole water filter installation. It’s a good way to have clean water all time in your house, kitchen, bathroom or any sink or faucet. You can choose between two types of whole house water filters. One of the systems offers you a higher performance around the house because it uses a large number of media, and decontaminates your water for almost five years, after this period the media must be replaced for a better usage. The other system uses a smaller capacity cartridge, which also clears the water in your entire house, but its cartridges need to be changed annually.

Benefits of using a whole water filter

There are many reasons why people go for this type of filter even though they have to pay more to buy it in the beginning. It’s less expensive than buying and installing individual water filters, considering that it decontaminates the water from all sources around your house. Also, it gives a longer life to your household pipes by ensuring no scale and dirt build-up will appear during the time you have it installed. Last, but not least, it maintains the quality of your clothes, and also hair and skin by allowing you to use clean water not only for drinking but also for cooking or with your appliances.