Your fast and fair option for a house sale

  There are certain situations in which you would prefer a fast house sell. You might lack the energy or financial means for waiting too long before a buyer appears. In situations of this kind, it is advisable to avoid real estate agencies, since they can prologue the process, and they might require some improvements to your property, improvements that cost. Luckily, websites like Ask Susan buy property quickly, no improvements needed, at their real market value. However, let’s see why these services are better than those provided by real estate agencies, and what makes them the perfect option for so many sellers.

Customizable timeframes for each seller

Having services tailored to your own preferences and needs is something ideal, something not all service providers can offer. Unlike real estate agencies that promise to sell your property in a matter of months (which, honestly speaking is a way too long timeframe), professional property buyers will develop their timeframe so it fits your personal needs. For instance, you can choose a selling period from one week or less to three weeks or more. Depending on how urgent your sale is, what the legal context is, you can choose whatever fits your particular case. Make sure you communicate clearly to your professional buyer your requirements so they can find a solution for you.

All houses have real sale chances, no matter their condition

If you are working with a real estate agency, you must bring some improvements to your property so it has a real chance on the real estate market. This means more money to invest, money you might lack. The good part is, these professional buyers don’t judge the properties based on their appearance and their condition. They will pay the seller at the real market value, so you don’t have to compromise a fair price to a fast sell, as it usually happens. Real estate agencies recommend lowering the property’s price, if the seller wants to sell it faster.

Have all your selling costs covered

A regular property selling process involves many fees the owners must pay. However, professional house buyers cover these costs for their clients, just like they offer a fair price for the property. This is one of the greatest benefits that come from working with this kind of companies. Finding a reliable company that can offer a safe and fast sale is not always easy, and some companies in the field are far from professional. However, make sure you work with an experienced agency. They have the necessary expertise and professional employees; they can offer one-on-one services and consultancy, a strict timeframe suiting your necessities and a more than fair price. Sometimes urgent property sales suffer from a lower price than the real market value, specifically because the seller wants an urgent transaction. Make sure you do your research well and choose carefully the instant buyer. This way you can be sure you will have a fair price for your property and a fast transaction.